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Discovery Toxicologist (Predictive Modeling,Toxicogenomics, Cell & Molecular Biology) - PharmaFacts
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Discovery Toxicologist (Predictive Modeling,Toxicogenomics, Cell & Molecular Biology)


·         20+ years experience in pharmaceutical research and development.

·         Independent Consultant to Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies, Academia, Technology Providers and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

·         Research & Management positions in Preclinical Safety Evaluation Departments in major Pharmaceutical Companies in both UK and USA

·         Global Scientific Initiative Committees


Specific Areas of Expertise

·         Predictive and Investigative Toxicology

·         Cellular & Molecular Toxicology

·         Toxicogenomics

·         Evaluation of innovative technologies for toxicity studies

·         Chemical carcinogenesis

·         Liver toxicity

·         Coordination of international multidisciplinary R&D projects across all stages of drug discovery and development

·         New laboratory set-up and staffing


Projects as a Consultant

·         Investigative toxicology project on liver carcinogenesis

·         Investigative toxicology project on drug-induced muscular spasms

·         Co-author of white paper on drug induced liver injury

·         Leader of 5 day workshop on toxicogenomics and its application in biotechnology

·         Business Development for a US-based 3D liver culture technology provider

·         Business and product Development for a Netherlands-based kinase-profiling technology company


Publications and Memberships                   

·         40 Publications

·         Member of British Toxicology Society (participant in Discovery Toxicology Specialty Section, past  member of the Scientific Sub-Committee)

·         International  Scientific Committee Roles

·         Member of the ILSI/HESI Committee on "Genomics and Proteomics in Mechanism-based Risk Assessment" 1999-2008 (Vice-chairman 2002-2004).

·         Advisory Committee Member of the C-Path Institute Predictive Safety Testing Consortium and co-chair of the Carcinogenesis Working Group (2006-2008).

·         Leader of HL7/CDISC/I3C Pharmacogenomics Standards Group Track 1 Toxicogenomics Subgroup (2004-2006).

·         Member of U.S. National Academies of Science Committee on Emerging Issues and Data on Environmental Contaminants (2005-2007).



Independent Consultant                                                      PharmaFacts Consortium

Director and Head of Mechanistic Toxicology              J&J Pharmaceutical R&D

Director, Toxicogenomic Mechanisms UK                     GlaxoSmithKline

Associate Director, Cell & Molecular Toxicology        SmithKline Beecham
Head of Molecular Toxicology                                            Zeneca Pharmaceuticals