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Medical BioChemist / Phamacokinetic ADME / Expert Witness - PharmaFacts
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Medical BioChemist / Phamacokinetic ADME / Expert Witness


·         7+ years academic experience

·         17+ years corporate research and development experience

·         23+ years independent expert consultant


Specific Areas of Expertise

·         Serves as a testifying expert for

-Medical malpractice (prescribing errors)

-Pharmaceutical product liability

-Drugs of abuse

-Chemical exposures

-Consumer product exposures and liability

·         Toxicological expertise

·         Biochemical expertise

·         Medical expertise

·         Preclinical and clinical drug disposition and PK

·         Parental formulation development



·         Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities

·         Health, Education and Welfare (NIH) Fellow

·         Who's Who in the Mid-West

·         Pepperdine University; MBA Degree with HONORS.

·         Who's Who Worldwide

·         American Men and Women of Science, 1995-96, 1997

·         Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 3rd and 4th Editions.


Confidential Reports
350+ declarations, depositions, court testimonies and confidential reports for clients and companies covering...

·         toxicological cause-and-effect relationships

·         adverse pharmaceutical events

·         effects of illicit drug use

·         human health risk assessments

·         hazard evaluations

·         environmental assessments

·         R&D analyses and economic impact analyses.


Memberships and Publications                   

·         25 publications

·         15 memberships

·         10 approved patents

·         10 patent applications