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Molecular Pharmacologist – Assay Development and Drug Discovery - PharmaFacts
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Molecular Pharmacologist – Assay Development and Drug Discovery

·         30 years experience in early drug discovery at large and small pharma

·         Created Molecular Pharmacology lab at start-up company

·         Managed department that developed assays for new targets, performed high-throughput screening, supported medicinal chemistry  


Specific Areas of Expertise

  • GPCR pharmacology
  • Evaluation of new molecular targets for drug discovery
  • Development and validation of screening assays for drug discovery
  • Pharmacological support of hit-to-lead and lead optimization chemistry
  • Ability to drive exploratory research projects forward while focused on successful drug discovery
  • Authoring and editing of scientific manuscripts, research proposals, grant proposals, and preclinical portions of regulatory documents
  • Managing outsourcing of pharmacological testing
  • Preparation of Radioactive Materials License application
  • Preparation of documents required by local government to permit laboratory occupancy


Publications and Memberships


·         >60 Publications

·         Member of Society for Neuroscience, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, American Medical Writers Association, ChemPharma Professional Association, Pharmaceutical Consulting Consortium, Inc., Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group



·         Director, Molecular Pharmacology                                           Adolor

·         Laboratory Head, Enzymology                                                    Sterling-Winthrop

·         Staff Scientist, Dept of Inflammation                                      Merck

·         Laboratory Scientist, Dept Pharmacology                              JHU Sch of Med