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Our Consultants - PharmaFacts
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Our Consultants

We have a large network of independent Consultants under contract ranging from Junior to Experts.  We can advise you on your entire IND-enabling program and the regulatory expectation.  Let our consultants support you in the selection, oversight, design and interpretation of your next study thereby minimizing potential problems. 

PharmaFacts covers all areas of Preclinical drug development, and can help you with most of your pharmaceutical needs.  Some of our areas of expertise include…

·         Discovery & Lead Candidate Selection

·         In vitro Screening

·         Safety Pharmacology

·         Toxicology

·         Pharmaco/Toxicokinetics

·         Chemistry

-Bioanalytical (Metabolite Profiling)

·         Contract Research Organization(CRO) Selection and Management

·         Document Compilation and Submission

·         Regulatory

·         Short Term Executive Staffing

·         Litigation Support


It will be our pleasure to support any or all of your Preclinical needs.  Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or have any questions.