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Physical-Organic Chemist and Analyst - PharmaFacts
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Physical-Organic Chemist and Analyst


·         25+ years corporate experience with BP and GSK

·         Independent consultant for 6 years to Big and medium sized Pharma, Start-up, Biotech and Venture Capital (VC) companies, contract research organizations (CROs).

·         Led numerous R&D drug programs (neurosciences, vascular biology, safety assessment, DMPK.

Senior management roles, section head for scientific/organizational issues in discovery, and drug development and their resolution


Specific Areas of Expertise

- Separation technology for small drugs and biological molecules (proteins, oligonucleotides, etc.
- Analysis of drugs in bio-fluids
- Bioanalytical QA
- Identification and quantitation of biomarkers in drug safety
- Drug metabolism
- Labeled drug synthesis design
- Mass spectrometry
- Structure-activity relationships and proteomics
- Solvation/cocrystallisation/polymorphism of poorly water-soluble drugs.
- Expert testimony to regulators, exposure limits
- Technical due diligence reviews
- Physico-chemical properties in drug design for optimal biological activity and safety.
- Seminars/workshops/postgraduate diploma course in Drug Development
- Creation of smartsearch databases




·         Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Max Planck Institute

·         Silver Jubilee Medal, Chromatographic Society

·         Society of Analytical Chemistry Gold Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry



·         195 peer-reviewed publications

·         2 Books edited

·         14 patents


Academic Positions              

·         Visiting Professor, Imperial College, London

·         Visiting Professor, University of Malta

·         Visiting Lecturer, University of Cambridge